Airports in London

London has the largest city airspace in the world as well as 5 international airports that help make it one of the most easily accessible cities on the planet. All of the city's airports can be reached by railroad and/or the tube routes in under an hour from London's city center. The ease of access that the capital and its airports have to offer make it Europe's main international air transport hub. Serving both international and domestic flights to London there are a number of airports:

The city's main airport, and the busiest international airport in the world, is Heathrow. The airport is used by over 90 airlines that fly to around 170 destinations across the globe, including the world's greatest capitals and other largest cities. Located just 14 miles to the west of London's city center, Heathrow is quick and easy to get to via rail, bus, tube, taxi, car, or even bicycle. Perhaps the quickest route to central London would be the Heathrow Express that travels non-stop to and from Paddington Station. The airport also has four tube stations on London's Piccadilly line that can get you to the city centre in around 40 minutes.

London Gatwick Airport is the capital's second largest airport. Although its serves the capital the airport is, in fact, located in West Sussex some 30 miles to the south of central London. Gatwick is unique in that it is the city's only airport that can boast a significant number of full service, low frills and charter flights to a range of destinations. The quickest way to go to and from the airport is via the Gatwick express railway which runs through London Victoria Station, although the M23 motorway offers the choice of access by car or bus.

London Luton airport is 35 miles north of London's city center. Primarily, the airports serves low frills flights to major European destinations, although there are some charter flights to North Africa and parts of Asia. The airport is located near to the M1 motorway and also has regular trains running to London St Pancreas Station.

For those in the capital on business, London's City airport is an ideal destination for people traveling from Europe's major cities. Located on the former Docklands site, the airport is just 7 miles east of the city center, allowing fast and reliable access for anyone on short stays. The Docklands Light Railway travels to Canary Wharf as well as the heart of the city's traditional financial district.







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