Transport from Heathrow Airport to London

Heathrow Airport in west London is the world's busiest airport and arriving here for the first time can be a daunting experience for some. The airport is almost always crawling with people and finding your way from Heathrow Airport to Central London can be confusing if you don't do a bit of advanced planning. I have done the trip more times than I care to remember using various forms of transportation.

Here are your options to help you decide how you want to get into Central London from Heathrow.

Express Coach

The only option for taking a bus from Heathrow Airport to London is run by National Express. They leave from the airport's bus station which is located above the Underground station for Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Buses leave frequently but the last bus is at 9:30pm. It takes about 45 to 70 minutes, costs 4.00 one-way and drops you off at London Victoria station which is very central.


The Underground is connected to Heathrow Airport on the Piccadilly Line and once you get into Central London you can go pretty much anywhere on the service. Trains start running at 5am and finish at about midnight. The trains are packed durig rush hour so if you have a lot of bags a trip on the Underground will be a stressful experience. It takes around 50 minutes into Central London and costs 4.00 but if you have an Oyster Card it will be cheaper.


There are two options for train travel between Heathrow Airport and London, both using the same train line. Heathrow Connect travels directly into Paddington Station without stopping, takes 15 minutes and costs 16.50 one-way. The Heathrow Connect service makes stops along the way in West London (Hayes, Southall, Hanwell, West Ealing, and Ealing Broadway), takes about 25 minutes and is half the price of the Heathrow Express.


London's famous black cabs can be hailed from outside of each of Heathrow's terminals. Black cabs cost anywhere from 40 to 70 depending on your destination in London. You can also take a minicab which is cheaper than a black cab but they are not allowed to pick passengers up unless they have called them in advance to make a booking. Driving into Central London can take anywhere from 30 to 70 minutes.

Car Service

If you want to travel in style then hiring a car service is the way to go. You can hire many types of vehicles including cars, vans and even limousines. If you have a lot of people travelling with you and a lot of luggage then hiring a van might end up being pretty economical. How much it costs depends on the type of car hired.

There are plenty of choices for getting from Heathrow Airport to London, each with varying levels of hassle involved. The airport is huge and busy but it is well-signed and you will be able to find your way with few problems. If you want some more detailed advice check out this website: Heathrow Airport to London.








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