London 2012 Olympics

London has been awarded the 2012 Olympics and if you want a great experience, plan your stay in London around this event. Trust me. I've been to the Olympics in both Athens and Beijing and both were amazing. Going to the Beijing Games was one of the best things I've ever done, in fact. The problem is that being in London during the Games might take a bit more preparation that heading to the city at any other time would.

Olympics Tickets

The most important thing you'll need to do well in advance is buy tickets. Olympics tickets generally seem to go on sale about a year and a half in advance of the event. There should be several stages with the first requiring you to fill in an application for all of the events you want and then hearing back a couple of months later. The second round of ticketing is usually on a first-come, first-served basis so logging on at the right time on a fast computer is key. Loads of events overlap so you'll also want to spend a bit of time planning your events if you want to attend a lot of them. For more information check out my London 2012 Olympics schedule.

Olympic Accommodation

This could potentially be a huge headache, especially if you have no interest in the Games and just happen to find yourself in London at the same time. Many homeowners will be looking to make a killing during the Olympics renting out their places for crazy prices. This could mean that, unless you get into town early and secure a place, you might either find a shortable of places for rent or have to pay crazy sums of money. In Bejing I arrived three months in advance of the Games and was able to land a room at the regular prices. You might also find the same thing for room rentals. People might want to escape the Olympics and make loads of money at the same time and could be offering room rentals for double, triple or even more. Check out this site for more on accommodation during the London Olympics.

Getting Around During the Olympics

The other way you could be adversly effected during the 2012 Olympics is on public transportation. The Underground is already way over capacity and an influx of thousands of spectators and athletes is not going to help the matter. Rush hour should be even crazier than ever, buses will be jam packed and getting a cab might prove impossible at times. There are lots of options for getting around London though so check out my London Olympic transportation guide for more info.

The Fun Stuff

Once all the the logistical stuff is taken care of you will be in for two of the most exciting couple of weeks of your life. There will be awesome new Olympic venues to explore, athletes roaming around everywhere, and, best of all, some of the best partying you will ever see. Check out this page to find out where to party during the London Olympics.








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